About Us

It’s been a hobby of mine for the past 5 years to just cook and have people over. I genuinely enjoy cooking for people and making people happy with food. Every time I hosted people, several people always asked me when I was going to start selling my food and my sauces, and honestly I always thought that day would never come. Then fast forward to May 2020 when I decided I was going to focus on doing something I love, as a source of living- cooking.

One thing that people particularly complimented was my spicy hen, jollof rice and fried (yellow) rice. So I decided, I was going to start a virtual food delivery service with just 3 items on the menu:


  • Peppered Chicken (with different spice levels)

  • Garnished Nigerian Fried Rice (with quinoa Vegan option)

  • Nigerian Jollof Rice (with quinoa vegan option)


I always tell people that if you haven’t tried Nigerian food, you have absolutely no idea the richness your palette has been missing out on. Nigerian food is rich in spices and flavor, and is usually very spicy. I understand that not everyone can handle spicy food so I am going to be preparing the food separately and the sauce separately. I am also offering 4 different spice levels: Can’t handle spicy, Maybe a little spicy, Give Spicy and Dragon breath; which is essentially low, medium, hot and extra hot.

Wendylicious is currently operating out of Frontier Kitchen in Lorton, and is also available on DoorDash, GrubHub and UberEats.


Food would be available for delivery and I also take special orders for catering events. I would appreciate any and all feedback. And also any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you all!!